Creating Beautiful Bedrooms

When decorating your house, it’s easy to focus on the living room, dining room and other public areas – after all, they’re what you’ll be showing off to guests. But it’s important not to forget about bedrooms, precisely because of how personal they are.

Your bedroom is where you wake up in the morning and get ready for your day, and it’s your private refuge where you go to wind down and sleep at night. It’s a space that you can completely attune to your style, creating a luxuriously personal retreat tucked away in your own home.

Bedroom Features

Because we spend much of our time in our bedrooms sleeping, the mattress is one of the most important choices you’ll make when putting a bedroom together. While you won’t see your mattress for the most part, this is one piece that you should absolutely invest in – you can’t put a price on consistently good sleep!

The colour scheme you choose for your bedroom will have a large say in the mood that you create. Do you want something bright and cheerful to start your mornings off on an upbeat note, or do you want a more neutral look that will inspire rest and relaxation? Do you want smooth painted walls or patterned and textured wallpaper?

Once that’s decided, choose a bed that fits your style and colours, and select your other furniture pieces around that, bearing in mind that you want to minimize clutter – a clean, neat space is critical for the peaceful atmosphere all bedrooms should evoke.

When you’ve created that atmosphere, you won’t just be using the room for its bed. We recommend a reading chair and matching ottoman where you can put your feet up at the end of the day. Also, it’s always nice to have an ottoman at the end of your bed, providing a more comfortable perch as you get ready in the mornings and unwind in the evenings.

Your bedding is another area where we believe in splurging – there’s nothing better than the luxurious feeling of getting into nice linens at the end of a long day. Rugs also add a touch of indulgence, keeping your feet comfortably warm as you move through the room.

Finally, lighting is a very important consideration in bedrooms. You want to have the option of bright lights that will allow you to properly see yourself as you prepare for your day, but you also want more subdued lighting in the evenings. Lamps are a wonderful way to create reading light, and they are a excellent opportunity to accessorise your overall look.

Building Your Look

If you’re looking to refresh the look and feel of your bedroom, follow these easy steps to make sure your new room is perfectly attuned to your personal style:

Get Inspired Spend some time looking at different photos, products and colour schemes and figuring out what fits with your personality.

Choose your Colours Build a colour scheme around the look that you want in your bedroom. Maybe you’ve fallen in love with a particular paint colour or wall paper style, or maybe you’re more drawn to a specific bed or even bed cover. Whatever it is, use that to determine the colours that you’ll be using in your room.

Coordinate Choose pieces that all work together towards a cohesive style. Make sure that the pieces you use in your room together achieve a unified look, or the space will look cluttered even when it’s tidy.

Accessorise Pick out your lamps, lampshades, bedding, rugs and more to finish off the look. If you are on a budget and can’t replace all of your furniture, updating your colour scheme with some paint and new accessories is an easy way to achieve a whole new look without breaking the bank.

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