Hosting with Palacina Interiors ~ Dinner Parties

Styling your home is, of course, an important part of creating a comfortable space for yourself, but half the fun of decorating your home is showing it off to guests! To help you make the most of these opportunities, we’re launching a Hosting with Palacina Interiors series, beginning with this edition on hosting a dinner party. (Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to make sure you catch all of our hosting tips and tricks!)

While the table setting and dining room are crucial to your dinner party – and we’ll get to that soon – remember that your guests won’t be in one room the entire time they’re in your home. Pay attention to the details and make sure the whole house is ready for company. Small touches, like having quality soaps and lotions in your guest bathroom, contribute a lot to the overall hospitality you’re offering.

By the time your guests are arriving, it’s important to have your sitting room ready for entertaining, including having an area for serving drinks. While a more traditional approach might have you serving everyone yourself, we recommend that you simply make it easy for guests to serve themselves.

Have a custom cocktail prepared and a selection of wine and beer – making sure that drinks best served cold are kept in an ice bucket to stay chilled. Keep everything your guests may need, like a bottle opener and corkscrew, together and arranged neatly on a tray. This will ensure that everyone can have the drink of their choice without waiting on your or having to leave the area where everyone is socialising.

To make sure that you can take part in that socialising, it’s best to choose a meal that is relatively low-maintenance, like a roast that you can simply leave in the oven. You’ve presumably invited them over to enjoy their company, so you don’t want to make a dish that requires you to spend a lot of the evening in the kitchen.

Prior to your guests’ arrival you’ll want to have set the table so that when it’s time to eat, you can simply ask everyone to move into the dining room. Ensure that you have provided the proper silverware for the meal you’re serving, and we recommend using charger plates to allow for seamless transitions between courses.

Linen serviettes neatly arranged in serviette holders are an excellent way to give your place settings an elegant, timeless feel. Matching a table runner to those serviettes will create a coordinated look, and you can make your table classic yet functional by placing several small vases with flowers along the length of the table. This ensures that all of your guests can see each other across the table, solving a problem that is often created by a single, large centrepiece.

However formal or casual you want your dinner party to be, giving some special attention to your décor on the evening will ensure that it is a memorable occasion, and take some of the pressure off you so that you can enjoy the evening as well. So plan everything out in advance, get your home set up for company and have some music playing for your guests as they arrive. Remember, you can ask them to lend you a hand if they’re running early or you’re running late – a relaxed host is the best host!

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