Hosting with Palacina Interiors ~ The Guest Bedroom

Welcoming friends and family to stay with you is an opportunity to extend warmth and hospitality of your home to them. There is always the potential for discomfort when spending the night in someone else’s home, but with the right interior décor for your guest room you can set your visitors at ease. Use this guide to ensure that your guests spend their time enjoying your company rather than pining for the comforts of their own home!

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Set It Up

The most important piece of furniture in your guest room is the bed. It can be tempting to just stick your old, lumpy mattress in the guest room, but it’s not a great idea if you want repeat visitors! Make sure your bed is a comfortable resting place for your guests, and that it has fresh, comfortable linens before they arrive. You should also have side tables and bedside lighting, and an ottoman or bench at the foot of the bed, which can double as a luggage rack.

Choose pieces that fit with your home’s style, but try to keep things simple. In your own room, you may keep picture frames, jewellery boxes and other knick-knacks on your side tables or dresser, but in the guest room you want to keep the surfaces clear so that your guests have room for their own things when they settle in.

If you have a larger room, incorporate a set of drawers or a wardrobe if the room does not have a closet. Make sure these spaces aren’t half-full with your own out-of-season clothes when your guests arrive – it can make your guests feel like they’re imposing. You can also include comfortable seating, whether it’s a nook with a reading chair and small table or a desk for guests to catch up on work.

Be sure to have plenty of pillows on the bed and extra blankets easily available in the room, so that your visitors are comfortable no matter how they like to sleep. Similarly, it’s a good idea to have black out curtains on your windows, as some guests may be more light sensitive than others.

Ready for Company

Before your guests arrive, you’ll need to set up the room for their stay. Lay out a set of towels for each guest who’s staying with you, including hand and face towels. You should also have some extra toiletries on hand for their use. We recommend setting up a basket or tray with some essentials that you can fill up once and then re-stock as your guests use them.

Make sure that you leave, at a minimum, water and glasses in their room, and consider making a few snacks available so they don’t have to visit your kitchen if they get peckish. You can place these items on a tray on the bed or ottoman, along with some books or magazines that you think they might enjoy.

For the final touch, write your guests a welcome note that gives them all the details they need to know about your home. Provide your WiFi details, contact information and, if they’ll be venturing out on their own, suggest places to go and things to do in your area, as well as taxi numbers or directions they can give taxi drivers if they’ll be using ride hailing apps.

Inviting someone to stay with you is a very personal form of hosting, so try to make things as comfortable as possible for everyone. Think about your guests’ stay from their point of view and you’re sure to make it a great experience!

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