How To Elevate Your Look with Curtains

Curtains may serve a practical purpose in your home, but don’t overlook their important function in the design and aesthetics of your rooms. Curtains are a crucial way to break up the negative space on your walls, and they are an excellent visual cue to point to the parts of your look that you want to emphasize.

When you’re choosing a curtain colour, two key elements to consider are the colours present in your walls and large furniture pieces. For example, in a painted living room, you would consider the paint colour and the upholstery used on your sofa and seats.

One easy way to create a beautiful, unified look is to choose a neutral colour scheme throughout. By matching the colour of your walls, upholstery and curtains, you create a neat, clean atmosphere that you can spice up with bright accessories, like cushions and wall hangings. This option is also ideal for those who like to frequently switch up the décor in their homes, as you can create a new feel for the space simply by swapping out those accessories.

For a bolder statement, you can use your curtains to introduce additional colour to your walls. Pairing your curtains with the upholstery and going for a contrasting paint colour creates an elegant yet eye-catching look. You can also match your curtains to the walls, and use a contrasting colour in your upholstery, which will emphasise your furniture pieces.

You can, of course, mix things up further by using distinct colours for each of these major elements. If you opt for this approach, ensure that the colours you choose amount to a unified palette, and be sure to tie them together. For instance, you could match your curtains to prominent accessories in the room, or even to a bright accent chair.

When choosing your curtains, be sure to consider the lining that you’ll be using as well. For living rooms, dining rooms and other common areas, sheer linings are a great way to let light in and add airiness to the room. For bedrooms, you’ll want to have blackout linings that will allow for cosy weekend lie-ins.

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