Paint, Wallpaper or Both?

When it comes to your home’s style, your walls definitely can talk! They take up a lot of visual space in your rooms, which makes it very important to choose the right paint and wallpaper. Colour, texture, pattern and finish all have a significant effect on the eventual mood evoked by a room, so it’s important to understand how those elements work together and with the rest of the pieces you choose.

Paint and wallpaper both come in a variety of styles, and with Palacina Interiors’ exclusive line of Galaxy Paints and our wide selection of wallpapers, you are sure to find exactly what you need for your space. In fact, the hardest part may be sorting through all of your options! To help, we’ve compiled some tips below and our Paint Centre and Design Centre experts are always on hand to answer questions and provide insight.

  • Wallpaper is an excellent way to easily add patterns and designs to your walls. While some simple effects are achievable with paint, wallpaper is ideal for providing more intricate designs. However, wallpaper can easily become a focal point in your space, so if you want to emphasise other elements, particularly if you have art you want to hang on the walls, simple designs or paint will be a better choice.
  • Paint is an excellent, cost effective way to add style to your space with the many hues of rich colour available from our collections of Galaxy Paints. Create drama with bold colour choices or relax with soothing neutrals – paint offers the flexibility to achieve any mood.
  • Wallpaper is also a great way to bring texture to your home. Skilled painters can achieve stunning effects on your walls, but wallpaper gives you options like simulated brick without in-depth renovations. Paintable wallpaper offers the best of both worlds, letting you choose beautiful textures and paint them to match the exact hue you want.
  • Often when you’re deciding what to do with your walls, it’s not a matter of choosing between wallpaper and paint so much as deciding how you want to combine them. For a striking look apply wallpaper to an accent wall and choose a paint colour that complements it for the remaining walls.
  • When choosing your wall solutions, keep in mind the different requirements for application. Painting is typically a simpler process than applying wallpaper, which must be carefully aligned between rolls. Of course painting is not as simple as many people imagine, and it is important to ensure that you are using the correct primers and applying even coats. No matter what you choose, it is always advisable to have experts apply your paint and/or wallpaper.

Learn more about our exclusive Galaxy Paint line here and visit our Grand Showroom on Kitale Lane to learn more from our Design Centre experts.