The Palacina Interiors 2018 Gift Guide

The Christmas Season is here again and so is holiday shopping! Whether your list is as tall as your tree or as simple as mince pie, Palacina Interiors is your one-stop shop this year. We have a wide selection of gifts that are sure to delight, with stunning, stylish and sweet items available in any price range. Find our picks for this year below, and visit our Grand Showroom on Kitale Lane or Experience Centres at The Hub, Yaya Centre and Westgate to browse our full collection!

Christmas Ornaments

From Kshs. 350

Ornaments are the perfect small gift for anyone that you’ll be exchanging with before Christmas Day. They spread festive cheer and will be used year after year during the holidays, giving them a longevity you don’t always get from small gifts. You can also bundle together a set of ornaments of your choosing, creating a customised selection that can fit any price range.

Christmas Decorations

From Kshs. 250

Similar to ornaments, Christmas Decorations are an ideal gift for those you’ll see before the 25th. We have a large selection of decorations available, allowing you to find something perfect for anyone’s personal style. And if you’re not sure of their taste, we have a collection of classic items that everyone is sure to love.

Christmas Hampers

From Kshs. 3,000

For a little extra ‘wow factor’ try one of our beautifully arranged Christmas Hampers. We’ve combined several of our signature Palacina Interiors accessories – like picture frames and candle holders – with some holiday favourites, like Christmas ornaments and sprigs of realistic holly-red berries. These are perfect gifts for anyone you’d like to impress, including colleagues, management teams and clients.

Kenana Knitters Creatures

From Kshs. 1,800

Kenana Knitters is dedicated to spreading goodness in Kenya, with environmentally friendly products, ethical production that empowers rural women, and adorable stuffed animals that put smiles on the faces of little ones. You can feel good knowing that these precious toys provide fair wages to their makers; the children in your life will just know that they love their new friends!

Napkin Rings and Napkins

From Kshs. 750

Napkin Rings are a sophisticated gift for anyone who enjoys hosting, adding a special touch to their table settings. Our range allows you to gift a matching set or to select an eclectic – yet coordinated – set of your own making. To add another layer to your gift, include a set of our beautiful linen napkins, made in our own workshop and tailored to include elegantly simple edges or striking trims.

Bar and Serving Sets

From Kshs. 3,800

Another gift for the hosts in your life, these sets are simply stunning. From bar tools to serving spoons to cheese knifes, we have an assortment of styles available, including elegant mother of pearl, bold leather and classic silver finishes. The bar sets, in particular, make perfect gifts for the men in your life!

Picture Frames

From Kshs. 2,700

Picture frames are a wonderful gift option because they work well both for acquaintances and your dear loved ones. For those you may not know too well, our elegant picture frames are a lovely blank canvas for them to fill with images important to them. For those close to you, choose the image yourself and the frame is a stunning and personal gift. They also work equally well for ladies and gentlemen!

Candle Holders

From Kshs. 450

Our seasonal candle holders are a lovely way to gift some holiday cheer, while candlesticks from our curated collection are a sophisticated choice that add something special to any space. Our selection ranges in size and price, including small candle holders designed for tea lights, lovely candle sticks for tapers and large holders for pillar candles. We even have several flameless candle options!

Vases and Silk Flowers

From Kshs. 850

Vases are a household necessity, and they’re an excellent option if you’re looking for a beautiful gift that will get a lot of use. We offer elegantly simple glass vases starting from Kshs. 1,100, and our selection continues to large aluminium vases that can be the focal point of a room. Top your gift off with some of our lifelike silk flowers, which offer a permanent natural touch.


From Kshs. 2,800

Help those on your list relax in style with our selection of cushions. Perfect for living rooms and bedrooms alike, you’re sure to find cushions that fit the colour scheme and style of the person you have in mind. From simple solid colours with lovely trims to rich embroidery and beading, our collection has plenty of options that they’ll love!


From Kshs. 8,100

Our mirrors can liven up the walls of any room and are an impressive gift for close friends and family. We have an assortment of mirrors that come in gold and silver finishes, ensuring that they will work with your loved one’s décor.

Leather Armchair

From Kshs. 98,000

Our beautifully finished leather seats are timeless, and make for a gift to remember! For those at the top of your list, one of our leather armchairs is a striking option that will be as impressive years from now as it is when they first receive it. Nairobi’s climate is perfect for leather seating, and our collection offers variety ranging from sleek and modern to classically elegant.

If you’re still not sure what to get everyone on your list, visit our shops in person to browse our full collection. Our curated selection of home décor products offers something for everyone; the perfect gift is just waiting to be discovered!