Palacina Interiors is proud to partner with Galaxy Paints to bring you our custom line of paint that offers a thicker, smoother texture and richer, more vibrant colours. With more than 60 original colour options ranging from soothing neutral tones to bright, tropical shades, our Paint Centre is sure to have the palette you’re looking for.

Galaxy Paints are known for their quality, and the Palacina Collection is no different. Our formula makes for smooth and easy application, and strong pigments ensure that our paints are true to colour on your walls. Through Galaxy Paints, we also offer Rubio Monocoat, a premium wood-finishing product that allows you to protect and colour wood furniture, floors and outdoor pieces in minutes. Our Paint Centre strives to offer the environmentally friendly products that are safer for our communities and safer in your home and workplace. Our products are easy to apply, but for a professional touch, be sure to enquire about our painting service, where we focus on the details and ensure a high-quality finish for your space.

Planning a visit to our Paint Centre? Here’s what we recommend you bring to ensure that you get the right paint:

  • Room Dimensions, including the height
  • Colour references, for instance from a photo or magazine
  • Swatches of the material used for any furniture and curtains you plan to have in the room
  • Environmental information about the space, to determine if any specialty paint is needed
  • Plenty of time to talk your needs through with our paint experts

Whether you’re planning to paint one room or your entire home or office, why not work with the professionals at our Design Centre to ensure that you get the look you want? Our team can help you redecorate from the bottom up, working with you to capture your style and make sure that it comes together cohesively. We will ensure that your paint colours and finishes are expertly chosen and applied, and that all of the curtains, furniture and accessories work with those paint selections to create a perfect space for your needs and comfort.