The Power of Accessories

When you’re creating an interior look, you’ll often start with a paint colour or a large furniture piece and build the room around that. The accessories you add are like icing on the cake.

Paint colours and furniture may create the foundation for your room, but don’t discount the transformative nature of accessories. When you’re ready for an update, swapping out small items can have a large impact and give you a completely new look without breaking the bank.

Read on for our tips on how to create a brand new look using accessories.

Build on Your Base

As you look to add new pieces to your space, take stock of what you already have, especially large furniture pieces you don’t want to replace. In particular, note any bold colours or metallic tones, as you’ll need to incorporate these into your new look. Remove the accessories you plan to replace so that you can visualize the canvas you’ll be building your that new look on top of.

Another important consideration is the colour of your walls. Paint and wallpaper are an excellent way to completely change the perception of a space and can really support your new accessories. If you want to keep the same tones, however, ensure that any new pieces work with those colours.

Create a Theme

With your foundation in place, decide on a theme for your room refresh. Determine the mood that you want your room to evoke before going to look for pieces, so you can choose accessories that will work well together. Remember, even beautifully eclectic rooms have been put together with a specific look in mind and each item chosen to fit with the others.

 Play with Textures and Colours

Working within a theme and colour scheme doesn’t mean that all your new accessories will be uniform. Make your room interesting with contrasting textures, like soft blankets and beaded cushion covers, shiny metals and natural woods or woven upholstery and smooth ceramic vases. When it comes to colour, a few vibrant pieces add depth to the space and make neutral tones seem richer.

Make a Statement

Use bold statement pieces to add some intrigue to your space. One of our favourite ways to do this is incorporating large wall art pieces, which will have a profound impact on the final look of a room. If you already have art pieces that you want to carry over in your restyled room, be sure that your new accessories support them as a focal point.

Decorate for Look and Function

When you’re collecting new accessories, consider them for function as well as aesthetics. While it’s nice to have some purely decorative pieces, incorporating vases, candlesticks and trays are a great way to add style that still serves a function.

If you’re looking to create a fresh look with new accessories, our curated interiors collection is an excellent place to start. All items in our shops – including our exclusive line of paint colours and wallpapers – are selected to complement specific styles and colour schemes, making it easy to achieve a coordinated look. Visit our Grand Showroom on Kitale Lane or our Experience Centres at The Hub, Westgate and Yaya Centre.