The Value of Style

It’s hard to place a value on good interior styling.

Costs are easily tallied but the benefits of a striking space are impossible to put a number on. Landlords will tout the commercial benefits of good styling, which makes a space more impressive and desirable, and businesses can improve their brand perceptions and prestige purely through a style update.

But one of the most valuable aspects of styling is perhaps also one of the most overlooked. Good styling can be a home-sized work of art that reflects your unique personality and preferences, creating a space in which you can both take pride and find comfort and inspiration.

There are a lot of factors to consider when you’re creating these evocative, personally-tailored spaces, but here are five basic rules to keep in mind as you add value through style:

Have a plan

Whether you’re planning to style your entire home or space in one go or working room by room, it’s important that you go into the project with a plan. You should have ideas for the look and feel of the entire area to ensure that everything pieces together seamlessly and flows from room to room. This is particularly true when it comes to paint colours and the overarching style you choose.

Talk to an expert

Just as you wouldn’t build your house without an architect, you shouldn’t style your space without speaking to an expert. This could mean hiring a professional to handle everything for you, but it can also mean simply having a conversation to get some ideas or figure out the best way bring your ideas to life.

Invest in finishing in general

It’s easy to get lost in the big picture, but when it comes to interiors the details can often be the aspects of a project that stay in place the longest. When putting your finishings in place, make sure that the workmanship is impeccable. Flooring, tiles, cabinetry and paint are things you will live with for years, and if they’re done poorly that means living with flaws.

Power of Neutrality

When you’re working on the other more permanent aspects of your styling, it’s very important to consider what you might want in the future as well as what you want now. If you use rich neutral tones and colour schemes for finishings, curtains and larger pieces of furniture, you’ll give yourself the ability to update your style in the future without a complete re-do of the space.

Add Some Flair

Of course, you want your space to reflect your personality and create atmosphere, so don’t be bland! Use accessories like throws, cushions, vases and other personal touches to bring your style to life, and when you want to change things up you can easily create a fresh look simply by swapping these items out.


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